Next month, Bansko will dive into the world of music again. Jazz opera by Lubo Denev.

Dinner in Manhattan - Jazz Opera
   The plot is based on the following: the protagonist, an actress in a provincial theatre, on the verge of a mental breakdown, writes an autobiographical play in which she realizes her intention to interrupt a performance of Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew and reveal to the audience her personal problems: job dissatisfaction, loss of illusions, conflict of dreams of her youth with reality, complemented by a crisis in her family life. Writing the play with the notion that she is acting in it at the same time, she loses orientation at one point - confusing the imaginary world with the real one, falling into absurd situations.
The questions the heroine raises turn from personal to universal - the place of the artist in society, his role in life, the importance of art in general, the artist-audience relationship and the need for reciprocity between them.
The composer Lyubomir Denev, the author of the music, is also the author of the libretto - plot, dialogues, verses, which is a guarantee for an optimal correspondence between music and text, as well as for a logical musical-dramaturgical development. The work is innovative in terms of genre - combining opera with the expressive means of jazz. The vocal parts, which are intended for singers with theatrical experience and jazz expression, are loaded with a strong dramatic charge. The work also contains comic situations, paradoxical scenes and much self-irony. Theatre, vocal and instrumental skills (the accompaniment is by a jazz quartet composed of saxophone, piano, double bass and drums), choreography, multimedia and artistic lighting meet in this production. The soloists are four: Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Tenor and Baritone, all taking on several roles - entering her fictional world, working together as good colleagues and friends, helping her to overcome her mental disorder and return from the world of destructive illusions to reality and the stage.
Tickets on the Eventim network:
Ticket price  20 leva. In the community center Nikola Vaptsarov.