Dear guests, thank you for choosing Hotel Casa Karina 4*, Bansko for your holiday!
  • These rules have been developed on the basis of the current Bulgarian legislation;
  • These Regulations govern the relationship between the hotel and its guests during their stay;
  • The regulations aim to create optimal conditions for full relaxation and rest of the guests;
  • These regulations have the meaning of a contract between Hotel Casa Karina 4 * and the customers;
  • All guests of Hotel Casa Karina 4 * are obliged to comply with the general policy of the hotel and the conditions for using hotel services;
  • A video surveillance system operates on the territory of the hotel (with the exception of the toilets, hotel rooms and Spa center);
  • By using the hotel's services, you agree to video surveillance;
  • Hotel Casa Karina 4 * guarantees its guests the confidentiality of the provided information and personal data;
The hotel administration may terminate the use of services to those guests who violate the rules and do not comply with the hotel policy.
Prices and method of payment
  • The provided services are paid by the guests of Hotel Casa Karina 4 * based on the prices indicated in the accommodation offers;
  • The provided hotel accommodation services are paid by the guests at Reception before/upon check-in or during their stay. In a case of holiday packages/offers for which the hotel has different conditions for payment of a deposit, the same are announced in the given package/offers;
  • Additional services (excursions, laundry, airport transfers, additional consumption at the hotel) are paid by the guests according to the price list at the HOTEL;
  • The prices indicated in the online reservation system are valid when booking through the reservation platform owned by "Victory Property Management" OOD. The amount you choose includes the price of the specific room for the number of nights, meals according to the offer, free services are also included - use of the pool, sauna, steam bath, fitness, wi-fi throughout the hotel, tourist tax, hotel insurance and VAT. In case, during the stay, the guest uses additional paid services, they should be paid on the spot in the hotel according to the price list;
  • Please note that the photos visualizing the rooms/apartments are examples and do not refer to the specific reservation. The guest will be accommodated according to the room specified in the reservation, in accordance with the capacity and availability.
Rights and obligations of the parties
The HOTEL is obligated to:
  • To provide in accordance with the conditions of the hotel services paid by the hotel guests;
  • To provide the guests with the mandatory " Tourist Insurance";
  • Accommodate the guests in the appropriate premises (according to the reservation), which will be cleaned and prepared according to the number of guests and/or according to the guests' requirements;
  • To provide assistance to the guests in case of difficulties and questions from their side during their stay at the hotel;
  • To maintain its hotel base in a condition that complies with all requirements according to the regulation on the categorization of accommodation and food and entertainment establishments.
The GUEST is obligated to:
  • To become personally familiar with the policy of Hotel Casa Karina 4 *, Bansko;
  • To maintain the reputation and good name of the HOTEL;
  • To pay in full for the used hotel services;
  • To inform the HOTEL in advance in writing form about the accommodation of guests with disabilities so that the HOTEL can foresee and provide accommodation in a room adapted for people with disabilities;
  • In case of earlier departure of customers for reasons beyond the control of the HOTEL and not resulting from failure to fulfill an obligation under this contract (family, work, health, etc.), the guest pays the amount of the actual stay.
Responsibilities of the parties. Reservations and cancellations
  • Only reservations confirmed by the HOTEL are considered as Valid reservations;
  • The HOTEL reserves the right to announce dates closed for sale according to the capacity of the complex;
  • In the event that the HOTEL fails to ensure the accommodation of the guests due to force majeure circumstances beyond its control (force majeure means such exceptional events and actions of an extraordinary nature, such as: war, blockade, embargo, governmental and administrative restrictions, orders and regulations, related to the performance of tourist trips, accommodation in hotels and any type of tourist services and other similar events and actions that are unforeseeable and unpreventable by the parties and occurred after the conclusion of the contract), the HOTEL shall refund only the amount already paid by the guest, against the legally established provisions, including newly adopted laws and regulations;
  • The HOTEL is not responsible to the guest in case of cancellation, delay or change of the terms and conditions of the accommodation, which do not depend on the HOTEL, namely:
  • Delay or cancellation of flights;
  • Occurred traffic jams on the roads on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • Delays at border or checkpoints;
  • Mass public events;
  • Strikes;
  • Technical accidents;
  • Vehicle defect or damage;
  • Cancellation or interruption of accommodation because of personal reasons and circumstances of the customers.
  • The HOTEL is not responsible for damages from non-performance or inaccurate performance of the contract for hotel accommodation, if the reasons for this are due to:
  • Actions of third parties unrelated to the performance of the services offered by the HOTEL;
  • In the event of force majeure that cannot be foreseen or avoided by the HOTEL and the guest in the conscientious performance of their duties such as natural disasters and catastrophes that occurred after signing the contract and hindering the guest's accommodation, the HOTEL undertakes to provide possibility for the guest to change the date of their accommodation within 1 (one) calendar year from the date of the failed accommodation, considering whether to change the already agreed amounts and according to the accommodation possibilities of the HOTEL;
  • The HOTEL is not responsible for damages caused by circumstances representing a normal life risk, such as theft, injuries, illnesses, unless they are caused by the HOTEL;
  • The HOTEL is not responsible if due to alcohol or drug intoxication or due to other hooligan or other socially unacceptable behavior on the part of a guest, the use of part of the services agreed in this contract is refused or suspended or the guest has to be removed entirely from the hotel;
  • The HOTEL is not responsible for the performance of services provided by third parties and ordered by the guest on site, which are not part of this contract;
  • The HOTEL has the right to unilaterally refuse accommodation of a guest, without paying a fine or compensation to the guest, in the event that there is a serious and reasonable risk that the person will have aggressive behavior during the stay or to cause serious inconvenience to the other guests with his/her behavior in the hotel, to employees or to other persons. In this case, the HOTEL does not owe compensation and/or refund to the guest;
  • During their stay at the hotel, guests are obliged to comply with the laws and other mandatory rules and norms, including the hotel's internal regulations and generally accepted rules and norms of conduct;
  • The HOTEL is not responsible for fines and other sanctions imposed on the guest by authorized parties for offenses committed by them, including but not limited to smoking in a public indoor places, indecent appearance or behavior, not wearing a mask, improper parking and others;
  • GUESTS are obliged to strictly observe the announced check-in and check-out times of the hotel rooms, unless otherwise agreed between the parties. In the event that, for any reason, the guest does not comply with the specified hours, he is obliged to pay the HOTEL the specified amount for early check-in and late release of the premises;
  • Check-in time in hotel rooms – after 14:00 h. on the day of arrival;
  • Check-out time of the hotel rooms - until 12:00 h. on the day of departure;
  • The GUEST has the right to terminate the use of hotel services at any time before check-in at the hotel, according to the cancellation conditions;
  • When a guest terminates the contract, he/she is obliged to inform the HOTEL in writing by sending email to - ;
  • Only the types of rooms and services confirmed by the HOTEL are offered to the arriving guests. For accommodation in a higher-class room than the one reserved the amount is paid directly by the guest, only if it is possible at the relevant time to provide the requested change;
  • The GUEST undertakes to send the cancellation request in writing to the indicated email and receive confirmation from the HOTEL;
  • When a given reservation is not canceled and the guest does not arrive (NO-SHOW), the HOTEL charges a fee depending on the cancellation policy, which depends on the period of accommodation, offer and others;
  • The contracted services which during the stay of the client/s are partially or fully not used due to the fault of the guest, they are paid by the guest to the HOTEL in their full amount;
  • In case of earlier check out of the hotel of some or all of the guests of a reservation, the paid but unused services and remaining days on the reservation are not refunded!
  • Offered promotional packages with special conditions for reservations and cancellations, such as "EARLY BOOKING", "LAST MINUTE", "HOLIDAY PACKAGES", etc., for which the hotel reserves the right to announce in the offer itself, are reservations that have special conditions for change, cancellation and are subject to the payment of a penalty, which is mentioned in the terms of the offer;
  • Any reservation that is not confirmed (unpaid by the customer according to the terms of payment) is considered for canceled without notice. The hotel does not owe a penalty for the cancellation;
  • In case of force majeure situations, Hotel Casa Karina 4 * reserves the right to change the conditions and dates of accommodation according to the specific event, WITHOUT being responsible and WITHOUT paying penalties.
A significant change in the accommodation program
  • A significant change in accommodation is possible under the following conditions:
  • If prior to check-in the HOTEL is forced to make a significant change in some of the main characteristics of the hotel services or cannot fulfill any of the specific requirements of the guest, which are expressly accepted when concluding the contract, the Hotel is obliged to notify the guest immediately. In this case the guest has the option, on his hehalf to accept the proposed change by the HOTEL;
  • A change in the check-in date after the conclusion of the contract is possible only if the HOTEL has the possibility to change the date without significant damages and losses for both parties;
  • In case of submission of documents with incorrect data and non-compliance with the terms by the guest, the HOTEL has the right to cancel the accommodation by terminating this contract immediately and without notice, as well as withhold the corresponding penalties described in the section reservations and cancellations.
Minor change in accommodation
  • The HOTEL reserves the right, if necessary, to make minor changes to the accommodation, which do not affect the overall appearance of the accommodation and do not cause significant inconvenience to the guest, without owing compensation or penalties;
  • In particular, the HOTEL may:
  • To change the type of accommodation without causing inconvenience to the guests;
  • To change the hours of meals in the restaurant;
  • To change the working hours of the facilities that are on the territory of the hotel.
  • The guests are responsible for all damages caused to the hotel furniture and inventory. Damage caused to hotel property by the guest will be paid directly at the hotel;
  • If the guest refuses or is unable to pay for the damages, a protocol signed by representatives and the HOTEL will be drawn up and the payment of the damages caused will be made through the assistance of the law enforcement authorities, based on the protocol.
  • In a case that during the stay of the client/s in the hotel, is found non-fulfilment or inaccurate performance of any of the services agreed upon in the contract, the clients undertake to immediately notify the HOTEL in order to promptly take corrective measures;
  • For each complaint, a Two-party protocol is signed on spot between the HOTEL and the guest;
  • The HOTEL will only accept and consider complaints relating to the services provided on the territory of the HOTEL. Claims related to the infrastructure of the region, provision of services by third parties unrelated to the HOTEL are not accepted.
  • Complaints without a Two-party signed protocol between the HOTEL and the guest, as well as those received by the HOTEL after the guest's departure, will NOT be accepted and considered. The same applies to claims based on misleading information and advertising from other sources.
Rules regarding protection of personal data
  • In connection with the conclusion and execution of the contract for hotel services, the guest provides the HOTEL with personal data. The HOTEL guarantees that the personal data provided by the guest are protected in accordance with the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) and the Personal Data Protection Act, and are processed only in connection with the execution of this contract. Personal data is stored and destroyed in accordance with legal requirements.
  • They will not be provided to third parties without the prior and express consent of the guest.
Check-in, stay and check-out from the hotel
  • Upon check-in, each guest is required to provide a valid identification document on the basis of which his registration will be made. If the guest refuses to provide an identity document, the hotel reserves the right to refuse to accommodate the guest without paying a penalty;
  • After registering at the hotel each guest will receive a key card or key with which to open the door of the room in which he/she is staying. Upon vacating the premises, the guest is obliged to return the provided key card or key. Otherwise, the hotel has the right to charge a fine for a lost/not returned key card with the amount of BGN 20.00 per 1 key-card or key;
  • Check-in is done after 14:00 on the day of arrival. If earlier check-in is possible in some of the rooms, the HOTEL will accommodate the guests in the already prepared rooms;
  • The check out is until 12:00 on the day of departure. Late check out of the premises is possible after prior request and payment, as follows:
  • From 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. – BGN 20.00 per hour;
  • From 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. – BGN 30.00 per hour;
  • After 18:00 - the full value of 1 night.
  • The HOTEL reserves the right to confirm late check out of the premises up to 48 (forty-eight) hours beforehand;
  • All valuables and documents must be left for safekeeping in the safe located at the reception. The hotel is not responsible for lost or stolen jewellery, belongings and valuables;
  • In the hours between 14:00 and 16:00 as well as between 23:00 and 07:00, silence is observed and any entertainment activities in the hotel rooms are absolutely prohibited (playing music, children's games, etc.);
  • In order to comply with hygiene requirements, according to the regulations of the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency, the importation and storage of non-perishable food products in the hotel rooms is not allowed. Exceptions are allowed for dietary and diabetic products with the written consent of the Manager;
  • It is not allowed to bring bulky, bad-smelling, incendiary, explosive substances and weapons into the hotel building;
  • It is not allowed to take hotel property (towels, sheets, blankets, chairs and any other kind owned by the hotel) outside the hotel. It is also not allowed to move the property of the hotel;
  • Outsiders who are not guests of the hotel are not allowed in the hotel premises. Guests can meet friends in the restaurants located on the hotel territory;
  • It is forbidden to use weapons for any reason on the territory of the hotel as well as in the adjacent areas;
  • Before leaving your room, please close the windows, close water taps, turn off the light and electrical appliances. The guest compensates the value of the damaged property in the hotel;
  • Reception will assist you if you wish to order a taxi, if you need medical assistance or information about excursions or activities.
  • Accommodations for people with special needs. If, during his stay, the guest needs a room for guests with special needs, he is obliged to state this in advance when reserving the room. Standard accommodation for 2 adults with a double bed or twin beds.
  • All guests can pay for their additional consumption in the hotel grounds by the following ways:
  • In cash on the spot - in the restaurants as well as at the Reception;
  • By credit/debit card - in the restaurants as well as at the Reception;
  • On account of a room - in the restaurants and in the spa center, the client writes a receipt with the charged consumption, then, upon leaving the hotel, pays the amount at the reception.
  • Types of cards that are accepted on the territory of the hotel: VISA and MASTERCARD
Valet services
  • Hours for maid services - every day from 09:00 to 16:30;
  • If a guest has put up a sign "Please do not disturb! “on the outside of his door handle by 15:30 h., then his room will not be serviced and the room will be cleaned the next day;
  • If a guest wants maid service after 16:00 h., he/she must contact Reception and request this.
Game room
  • Parents/guardians of children under the age of 4 must accompany their children in the playroom!;
  • Aggressive behavior is not allowed on the territory of the game room which includes shouting, screaming, offensive and obscene words, hitting, spitting, biting, etc. ;
  • The game room is designed for children from 4 to 12 years old. Toddlers and children under the age of 4 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian;
  • It is prohibited to bring glass bottles, glasses and plates from the lobby bar and restaurant. It is not allowed to consume food and drinks as well as chewing gum during entertainment;
  • The hotel is not responsible for damaged, lost and/or stolen personal belongings on the territory of the game room;
  • The importation of sharp and dangerous objects and toys with which children can injure themselves and/or others is not allowed;
  • In case of intentional damage to the property of the game room / broken, torn, burned, scratched and others/ the parents of the children will be financially responsible, and the amount due will be charged to the room number;
  • Toys and equipment are not allowed to be taken out of the playroom.
The HOTEL is not responsible for accidents and injuries that occurred on the territory of the children's corner due to carelessness, ignorance and non-compliance with the rules on your part.
Use of spa services
  • Spa services are available in the Spa area of the hotel;
  • The package accommodation price includes free and unlimited use of the indoor pool, the sauna, the steam bath and the gym;
  • The spa area is open from 10:00 h. to 19:00 h., the pool is open from 10:00 h. to 21:00 h.;
  • In the Spa area, the terms and conditions for using the facilities, given in the directions of the respective places, must be strictly observed;
  • In the Spa area, there is a specialist employee who is responsible for the area and observes the order and manner of use of the facilities, as well as the security and safety of the guests using these facilities. The instructions of the specialist employee must be strictly followed;
  • Entering the Spa area is only possible with a bathrobe and slippers or your own flip-flops. Entry with shoes is prohibited;
  • Use of the pool is only possible with a swimsuit. Taking a shower before entering the pool is mandatory. Jumping into the pool and loud games are strictly prohibited.
  • It is forbidden to use any kind of ointments/oils in the steam bath and saunas.
Massages and therapies
  • The Massage service is available only in the massage rooms in the Spa area;
  • The Massage service is available during working hours 11:00-19:00;
  • All massages are a paid service and are paid according to the price list announced at the Spa reception and at the Hotel Reception. It is forbidden to negotiate and pay for any type of service between the staff and the guest, outside of this price list;
  • Each guest can receive a free consultation with a therapist in the spa center about the type and duration of the procedures.
Food and beverage consumption
  • Food and drink consumption are carried out only in the establishments on the hotel territory;
  • 2 establishments operate on the territory of the hotel:
  • Main restaurant - with working hours from 07:30 h. to 23:00 h. It also serves the guests with prepaid breakfast and dinner. Breakfast hours - 07:30 h. to 10:00 h. in the winter season and from 08:00 h. to 10:00 h. in the summer season; dinner hours - 19:00 h. to 21:30 h. and outside breakfast and dinner hours, it works with an "A la carte" menu and orders for the kitchen are fulfilled until 22:00 h. Room service orders are accepted from 10:00 h. to 10:00 h.;
  • Lobby bar - with working hours from 07:30 h. to 23:00 h.;
  • It is forbidden to take dishes out of the establishments;
  • Smoking in the indoor area of the Lobby bar and main restaurant is strictly prohibited;
  • It is forbidden to bring in and consume food and drinks that have been purchased outside the hotel.
Room service
  • For the convenience of our guests we offer the "Room service" and it is available for an additional fee;
  • A menu with the offered dishes and drinks can be found in the info folder which is placed in the accommodation;
  • Room service is offered every day between 07:30 h. and 22:00 h.;
  • To order "Room Service" it is necessary to contact our main restaurant;
  • An additional fee is charged for the "Room Service", announced in advance upon order;
  • After providing the "Room Service" service, the guest is obliged to inform the main restaurant about serving the dishes.
  • Free wi-fi is available to all our guests throughout the hotel with a password announced at Reception and on the information list you receive upon check-in from Reception.
  • Each room has a landline telephone from which the guest can contact the departments on the hotel territory:
  • To contact the reception - 9 or 3001;
  • To contact the Main Restaurant - 3008;
  • To contact the Lobby Bar - 3006;
  • To contact the spa center - 3007;
  • External calls: not provided.
Washing and ironing
  • Hotel guests are offered a "Washing and ironing" service, for an additional fee;
Set compliment
  • Each room and apartment comes with a set of compliments, which includes mineral water, 2 types of tea, coffee, sugar and coffee cream. The set includes a kettle for hot water and glasses. The compliment is recharged every day according to the number of guests during the daily cleaning of the rooms and apartments;
  • If additional recharge is desired outside of the daily recharge, an additional cost is due.
Safety of guests
  • For the safety of all its guests, Hotel Casa Karina 4* has the following rules and regulations:
  • All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent/adult;
  • All children must not be left unsupervised by a parent/adult;
  • Children up to the age of 4 can visit the game room and must be accompanied by a parent/adult;
  • Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to use the elevators on the hotel grounds, except when accompanied by a parent/adult;
  • Children under the age of 16 are not allowed alone in the establishments on the hotel territory and must be accompanied by a parent/adult;
  • Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to use the indoor pool, sauna, steam bath and gym without being accompanied by a parent/adult;
  • It is forbidden to hang over the railings and through the windows of the rooms and floors, both by children and adults;
  • Jumping and splashing in the indoor pool is prohibited.
Alcoholic beverages and food policy
  • According to Bulgarian legislation, on the territory of Hotel Casa Karina 4*, alcoholic beverages are not offered or served to guests under the age of 18;
  • The importation of alcoholic beverages into the territory of all establishments in Hotel Casa Karina 4* is permitted only after a signed protocol for non-responsibility in case of alcohol poisoning and a paid fee, according to the price list;
  • It is not allowed to bring food and drinks into the rooms as well as food and drinks bought outside the territory of Hotel Casa Karina 4*. All detected violations will be charged to the guest's room account;
  • It is not allowed to take out food, fruits and drinks from all establishments on the territory of Hotel Casa Karina 4*. Any violations found will be charged to the respective guest's room bill.
Smoking on the territory of the hotel
  • In accordance with Bulgarian legislation and in compliance with the smoking policy in public places, Hotel Casa Karina 4* prohibits smoking in all internal parts of the hotel such as: rooms/apartments, restaurant, spa center, lobby bar, conference rooms, swimming pool, spa area and all corridors and elevators;
  • In the event of a violation of the prohibition in the rooms/apartments, an additional fee will be charged for cleaning and refreshing the room, the fee is BGN 100.00 (one hundred).
Guest Conduct Policy
  • Every guest of Hotel Casa Karina 4* is obliged to observe the good tone of communication with hotel employees and other guests;
  • The hotel reserves the right to forcefully terminate the stay of the guest(s) without paying a penalty in the following cases: persons visibly intoxicated and/or under the influence of narcotic substances, who cause discomfort to other guests in the hotel and employees; have aggressive behavior, use obscene words and expressions that threaten the health of guests and employees; cause property damage to the hotel as well as violate public order; refuse to pay for consumed food and drinks;
  • Hotel Casa Karina 4* does not tolerate high levels of noise and/or behavior from guests. In the event that a guest refuses to comply with this requirement, the hotel reserves the right to forcefully terminate the stay of the guest(s) without paying a penalty.
Discrimination Policy
  • Hotel Casa Karina 4* does NOT support discrimination based on race, color, gender, religion, nationality, marital status, age, ethnic origin and beliefs!
  • Hotel Casa Karina 4* requires the same from its employees and guests, reserving the right to forcibly terminate the stay of the guest/s who have committed a violation of this policy without penalty.
  • Hotel Casa Karina 4* has its own security underground paid parking and unguarded outdoor parking;
  • When entering the hotel area by car, the guest remains for a stay in front of the main entrance only until the luggage is taken to Reception. After that, the guest must move the car to one of the two parking options offered by the Hotel. Parking in front of the main entrance is strictly prohibited! An incorrectly parked car is forcibly moved after calling a towing company. For failure to comply with the orders given by the administrators when parking the car, the guest may be removed from the complex;
  • It is not allowed to reserve parking spaces in advance on the territory of the parking lots and garages;
  • Hotel Casa Karina 4* has two parking spaces for disabled people near the main entrance. Car owners must place the sticker in a prominent place on the windshield;
  • Cars with gas systems are NOT allowed on the territory of the underground parking.
Video surveillance
  • 24-hour video surveillance is carried out on the territory of Hotel Casa Karina 4* for the safety of the employees and guests of the hotel;
  • Access to the video surveillance of hotel guests and outsiders is absolutely prohibited. Information from the video surveillance can be used only by law enforcement institutions according to the duly established legal order. The information is stored for the prescribed legal period;
  • There is no video surveillance on the territory of accommodation rooms, toilets, changing rooms, elevators, swimming pool, as well as the premises in the spa center;
  • By using any of the hotel's services, you agree to video surveillance.
Natural disasters, floods, earthquakes, etc.
  • In the event of a natural disaster, do not panic, keep calm and follow the instructions of the staff.
Fire safety
  • As we are concerned about the safety of our guests and staff, we have taken very serious measures to prevent any fire incidents. All employees have undergone fire safety training and are familiar with fire procedures;
  • The hotel has a fire protection system and instructions for using the facilities. Directional signs are placed in prominent places, which must be strictly observed in case of fire;
  • Evacuation plans are located on the back of the doors in each room, as well as on each floor. Please read them carefully;
  • The hotel is equipped with smoke detectors in the rooms and common areas. There is a fire alarm system;
  • Fire extinguishers are located on each floor and next to each fire hydrant.
If fire or smoke is detected, remain calm and call reception immediately.
Heating system
  • On the territory of the rooms and apartments, the heating is with individual heating devices;
  • The heating system automatically stops working if there is an open door or window in the room/apartment.
  • PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED on the territory of Hotel Casa Karina 4 *;
  • An exception to item 1 is if the pets are companion animals for guests with special needs;
  • If item 2 is in effect, the guest is obliged to inform before check-in at the hotel that he will be with a companion dog.
Forgotten items
  • All forgotten items found by our staff in the hotel premises or common areas of the hotel are registered and stored in a specially designated place;
  • The hotel attempts to contact guests who have forgotten their belongings using the contact information provided at the time of booking;
  • Forgotten items are stored at the hotel for a period of 30 days from the date of their discovery. During this period, guests can request the return of their belongings;
  • Guests can request their forgotten belongings to be sent by courier at their own expense. In the event that the guest wishes to pick up his/her forgotten belongings in person, he/she must contact the hotel in advance to arrange a time convenient for both parties;
  • Items not claimed by their owner within 30 days may be thrown away or donated to charity, depending on the nature and condition of the item;
  • Valuable items such as electronics, jewelry and documents are subject to a special storage regime and notification to guests;
  • The hotel is not responsible for loss, damage or change in the condition of the items during their storage.
Other provisions
  • All recommendations, compliments or remarks, the guest can reflect in the "Book of recommendations and praises". It is located at the hotel reception;
  • The guest has the right to express his opinion, as well as remarks, recommendations or praise in the Internet space. For gross slander, lies or facts and activities that do NOT correspond to the truth, the hotel reserves the right to respond or to seek criminal liability, according to the regulations in the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • The current Regulations for the internal order at Hotel Casa Karina 4* are published on the hotel's website - , as well as at the hotel reception and every guest should familiarize himself with it upon check-in at the hotel. The guest has the right to free access to the Regulations at any time during his stay at the hotel. The administrative staff is obliged to provide explanations to the guest about certain sections of these Regulations. Each employee in the hotel can give explanations according to the Regulations only in the part concerning his competence;
  • These Regulations do NOT regulate the price policy of Hotel Casa Karina 4* . The same is indicated on the hotel website - , as well as at the reception.
  • These Regulations are drawn up in two languages (Bulgarian and English).
If you need assistance during your stay with us, do not hesitate to immediately contact the Reception on tel. 9 or 3001
The team of Hotel Casa Karina 4* wishes you a pleasant stay!