Terms and conditions:

  • The prices are valid for booking through reservation platform owned by "Victory Property Management” LTD. The total amount includes the price of the specific room, number of nights, meals according to the offer, including also free services - swimming pool, sauna, steam room, gym , wi-fi on the Reception area and Lobby Bar, tourist tax , insurance and VAT. In case that during the stay the guest uses additional paid services, then they should be paid at the hotel according to a price list.
  • ​Please keep in mind that the pictures visualizing the rooms are indicative and not refer to specific reservation. The guests will be accommodated according to the specified in the booking room/apartment, its capacity and availability.
  • After receiving an inquiry, the guest will receive confirmation of the reservation by e-mail and instructions for payment of 50% of the total amount. The deposit must be paid 14 days before the date of arrival in a bank account which will be sent by e-mail. 
  • In case of “No show” in the hotel after a confirmed reservation, the guest will be charged at the rate of 100% of the total amount of the reservation, depending on the period and the specific offer. The conditions of “No show” will be always visible and available to the guests at any time.
  • The conditions for payment and cancellations depend on the period of your reservation and are always visible in the specific offer. In case of special conditions of reservation, cancellations and payment, the guest will be notified in writing via e-mail upon receipt of the request.

General conditions:

  • All guests must register upon arrival at the hotel with a valid identification document (ID) including the data of the guest and a photo.
  • Check-in time at the hotel is after 14:00, Check - out time is before 12:00. In case of early check-in or late check–out the guest should contact Reservation Department for such possibility. After confirmation from the hotel, the guests will be charged as follow: early check-in from 10:00 to 12:00 - 30.00 BGN per person, from 8:00 to 10:00 - 60 00 BGN per person. Late check - out from 14:00 to 16:00 - 30.00 BGN per person, from 16:00 to 18:00 - 60.00 BGN per person. At the time of guest`s check-in the administrator on Reception Desk will confirm with again the date of the departure.
  • All prices are valid at the time of making your reservation and are based on the originally requested dates and duration of your stay. The hotel reserves the right to update the prices of accommodation in case that the guest requests to change the dates of the stay and the number of the night stays, when policy of the reservation allows it.
  • In case that the guest wish to continue the stay, then is required to receive confirmation from Reservation Department, the additional night stays will be calculated according to current prices and conditions.
  • In case that the guest wish to add a guest /s to a reservation, then is required to receive a confirmation from Reservation Department, the additional night stays of the additional  guest / s will be calculated according to current prices and conditions.
  • The hotel has a special policy for accommodation of pets, please send inquiry to the hotel for such a possibility.
  • In case that you wish to receive an additional information for your reservation, you can contact us on the following mobile +359 884 519 400 or e-mail -info@bansko-casakarina.com.  

Privacy Policy:

The policy on protection of personal data „Victory Property Management " Ltd. regulate the type of information that is collected from users , the manner of its collection and the purpose of its use.

  • The users of the website owned by the „Victory Property Management „Ltd are required to provide personal data only when making a reservation. The user gives permission for their storage and processing in the database in the reservation system owned by " Victory Property Management " LTD .
  • When using the reservation system, the user has to enter the personal data needed for the successful completion of reservation. The entered information includes first and last name, email address , telephone number.
  •  " Victory Property Management " Ltd. does not provide the name and e-mail that the user has specified during reservation , to third parties . " Victory Property Management " Ltd. reserves the right to send Promotional offers of users who have registered ELECTRONIC mail.
  • The provided personal data are protected and used for the purpose of marketing analysis and better understanding of the needs of users and consequently improve the quality of the service.
  • " Victory Property Management " Ltd. is an administrator of personal data under the Data / Certificate Number 266950 issued on 28.03.2012/ and process the data of the users to fulfill its obligations in relation to the reservation made ​​by the user.
  • The data will be processed and stored on paper and electronically. " Victory Property Management " Ltd. as a data controller is obliged to provide the necessary technical and organizational measures for data protection from harm , loss or change. " Victory Property Management " Ltd. uses technologies that enable protection of all information that passes through Web page as technology Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).
  • „Victory Property Management " Ltd is obliged not to disclose personal user data to third parties , except in cases where it is legally obliged to public institutions  and organizations.
  • „Victory Property Management „Ltd is not liable if the user himself has disclosed personal information to third parties.
  • " Victory Property Management " Ltd. may use " cookies " to gather information on user preferences such as preferred language or region, destination and dates of previous product or service. This information is usually depersonalized and not used for other purposes. Users can at any time to reject „cookies „if there are any.
  • The user agrees „Victory Property Management „Ltd. to record limited information for every search and use that information to reshape technical problems and also for statistical purposes.