Classical massage – whole body
Full body massage with moderate pressure to relieve fatigue and muscle relaxation.
50 m. 80.00 lv.
Aroma therapy
A relaxing, gentle full body massage to reduce mental fatigue and stress in combination with the essential oils of your choice.
50 m. 80.00 lv.
Hot Stone massage
Full body massage with hot volcanic stones. Reduces stress and improves the energy balance of the body.
50 m. 90.00 lv.
Deep Tissue massage
Full body massage with more pressure. It improves circulation and relaxes the muscles in depth.
45 m. 85.00 lv.
Moisturizing massage with Shea, Coconut or Cacao oil
Full body massage with moderate pressure. Nourishes and softens the skin.
50 m. 00.00 lv.
Partial massage
Back, neck and shoulders massage to relieve the accumulated fatigue.
25 m. 55.00 lv.
Head massage
Relaxing massage to eliminate mental fatigue and stress. Suitable for headache.
20 m. 00.00 lv.
“Tired legs” massage
Massage against swelling combined with essential oils.
25 m. 45.00 lv.
Масаж гръб, глава и яка 30 m. 25.00 lv.
Anti – cellulite massage
Massage on the problem areas with specific massage techniques and anti-cellulite oil.
25 m. 60.00 lv.
Children massage (up to 12 years old)
Whole body massage for the relaxation of the children's muscles in combination with cocoa butter.
25 m. 35.00 lv.
Hammam massage (scrub and foam massage)
A combination of Oriental peeling and foam massage to remove dead skin cells and relax the body.
60 m. 100.00 lv.
Therapeutic foot massage with pressure on certain areas and points, which reduces tension and has a beneficial effect on the whole body.
20 m. 45.00 lv.

Therapies for face and body
Coconut delight
Restores skin softness and gentle feeling thanks to coconut action - hydration, antioxidation and emotional pleasure.
60 m. 90.00 lv.
“Hot Chocolate” therapy
Warming peeling with hot pepper extract for cleansing the skin in combination with a nourishing massage with cocoa oil.
60 m. 95.00 lv.
Musculavine Spa Ritual
A spa ritual for relaxing muscles and relieving tension and fatigue. Exfoliating the body with aromatic peeling, followed by a massage and a refreshing gel to improve circulation.
70 m. 100.00 lv.
Refreshing facial therapy with Vitamin C
Gently cleanses and enhances the vitality of the skin with a complex of fruit stem cells and Vitamin C for a fresher, firmer and more radiant appearance.
60 m. 85.00 lv.

Coffee 25 m. 55.00 lv.
Coconut 25 m. 55.00 lv.
Brown Sugar 25 m. 55.00 lv.
Peeling is a procedure that makes our skin to look healthy and radiant. Thanks to the abrasive particles you can not only have a cleansing and softening effect but also a relaxing one because they stimulate some of the receptors of the nervous system.

Casa Karina SPA Center offers individual packages according to
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Minimum of 3 procedures with 10% discount
Minimum of 5 procedures with 20% discount
(massages, facials and body treatments)

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