Film music by Milcho Leviev will come to life in a concert with brilliant musicians and new arrangements at the "Nikola Vaptsarov" Community Center

On February 17 in Bansko, Milcho Leviev's film music will come to life in a concert with brilliant musicians and new arrangements. We will hear compositions from favorite films such as "Diversion", "A Shooting Day", "Hot Noon", "Monday Morning" and many more, turned into songs with verses by Vicky Almazidou and Zlatna Kostova.
"Or because 'music gives birth to music' – released and unreleased titles from Milcho Leviev's film music. When, in its brief minutes, a film has told an entire life, Milcho Leviev's music imprints on the viewer the essence of what is felt and understood. And this is invariably present in every reel where his art embeds itself with the power of its impact. These cinematic pieces remain with the viewer forever, and in the most special moments, they once again evoke the emotion of what was experienced in front of the screen," shares his wife, vocalist, and participant in the concert, Vicky Almazidou”.
 Vicky Almazidou – vocals,
 Antoni Donchev - piano,
Valeri Kostov - electric piano, synthesizer,
Alexander Vladigerov - flugelhorn, trumpet,
Konstantin Vladigerov - clarinet,
Ivo Paunov - flute, saxophone,
Vasil Hadzhigrudev – double bass,
Dimitar Semov – percussion.
Tickets on the Eventim network and on the spot:…/otklonenie-bansko-nch…/event.html
Ticket price 20 leva. In  the Community center Nikola Vaptsarov