Relax zone

Face Lift Specialized Japanese massage techniques combined with cosmetic products with high collagen content that redefine the shape of the face .Lift the contour and tone cell function- a non-invasive face lift.
Eye Treatment Tired-looking eyes, dark circles and frown lines are drastically reduced with this treatment. An exclusive treatment for the sensitive under- eye and lip areas, it can be combined with any other facial treatment.
Moisturizing/Soothing The mountain sun and sports activities stress the skin. This special treatment, with deeply moisturizing ingredients , will restore the healthy aspect for your skin and allow you to go on any number of excursions in nature.
Cleansing with Lymphatic Massage Deep cleansing for all skin types, followed by the appropriate treatment to balance the Ph depending on your skin needs.Astringent treatment for stifling/oily skin; soothing treatment for sensitive skin;moisturizing for normal/dry skin.
Cleansing is recommended as preparation for all facial treatments.
Anti-aging Cosmetic products with innovative anti-aging ingredients combined with the Rejuvenance massage to nourish, regenerate and protect your skin from signs of aging and damage. Continued sessions lead to rejuvenated, fresh skin.

Swedish Massage This beneficial massage can be adapted to aid blood circulation, relax sore muscles, and reduce fatigue. Swedish massage noticeably reduces pain in the upper and lower back and neck, and relieves from recurring headaches.
Aromatherapy Aromatherapy is an ancient method that utilizes the powers of nature, relying on the beneficial properties of essential and vegetable oils. It appeals to the two interconnected senses if touch and smell. From the Stone Age to the ancient Egyptian, Roman and Persian civilization, plants were used to heighten pleasure and enhance physical and mental wellness.
Recommended treatment for rheumatisms, muscle pain, rheumatoid arthritis and muscle spasms.
The “Magic” of Four Hands Two massage therapists work on your body with their synchronized techniques, to alleviate muscule pain and fatigue point and become completely immersed in a state of deep relaxation.
Slimming/Lymphatic Massage The slimming massage treatment stimulates capillary micro-circulation, detoxes the skin (cellulite) and sculpts the body, helping it regain its shape and elasticity. Applying the right amount of pressure on the right spots, we stimulate the areas responsible for proper blood circulation and the oxygenation of areas with extra fat deposits , focusing  on areas that require special attention. The lymphatic drainage massage is a very light massage technique that increases lymph flow in the body. It is especially good for detoxing, relieves tired and swollen feet, and improves proper lymph flow and drainage in the body.
Therapeutic Massage The specialized treatment includes “Maintland” and “Trigger point” techniques which vary in form, intensity or skill. The massage therapist add just the technique in order to reduce tension in the muscles and the connecting tissue , towards the goal of alleviating the patient`s pain. The majority of these techniques are pleasant, offering instant relief and relaxation, and are very popular among guests. However, some techniques can be painful, but have noteworthy healing properties.
Thai Massage with Herbs The goal of this treatment is to restore muscle ton, alleviate stress, even to fight the symptoms of the common cold. The synergy of the heated pouches-compresses with the herbs and essential oils calm down the nervous system, restore and redistribute the body`s energy, and rejuvenate the skin, tissues and senses.
The herbs used in the pouches-compresses include lemongrass that is good for asthma, Plai to relieve cramps, turmeric that reduces inflammation and Kiffer Lime with detoxing properties.
Traditional Thai Massage This ancient from of Thai Massage incorporates a simple style of Yoga, with guided breathing and choreographed movments, which improves the range and balance of motion. This technique sends energy through the Sen Lines (energy meridians), releasing tension and restoring physical, mental and spiritual balance.
After Ski After an active day on the mountains, revive yourself by relaxing muscular system and full your batteries for new adventures.

Relaxation Lavender scrub and relaxation in the scented bath and hydrotherapy, concluded with an enjoyable aromatherapy massage and facial massage.
Balance/Energy Warm up your body in the sauna and get ready for an unforgettable experience. A full body deep and slow massage based on warm olive and Raki will make you take a blissful escape to relaxation.
Oriental Hamam Turkish hamam is a cleansing and reviving therapy that includes steam, essential oils and completes with foam massage. It includes a reviving body cleansing, scalp bath, face and body scrub and the therapy concludes with body moisturization. The purpose of this therapy is revitalization, relax and hydration.
Rejuvenation A few moments in the steam bath and relax your body and soul. Let yourself in the hands of our specialist , who will relief your stress from feet and hands and will make you feel totally rejuvenated after intense full body massage.
Detoxing and Firming Feel the detoxing results of sauna and then enjoy a deep scrub of Greek salt and Olive oil, a toning slimming massage and , at the end of the procedure, a healing mud mask, ideal for aches and firming results.
Beauty Delightful  aromatic warmth in the sauna, followed by a divine face/body rose treatment for perfect beauty and radiance.

Body scrub with Olive oil and Lavender Rejuvenate yourself with a deep body scrub with Oli and Lavender. Your skin will look reinvigorated and radiant.
Body scrub with Sugar and Honey The soft scent of Vanilla combined  with the natural mixture of brown sugar and honey make this body scrub a full sensory treatment.
Body scrub with Rose and Almond The wellbeing provided by aromatherapy combined with skin rejuvenation, a mild scrub for sensitive skin.
Chocolate Therapy All the enjoyment with zero calories! A delicious treatment with body mask based on chocolate, it detoxes and moisturizes the skin.
Coffee Mask A body mask based on coffee; its lipolytic properties combat localized fat deposits and cellulite.
Mud Mask Full body wrap with mud, which reduces pain in the body ;especially effective for rheumatism, arthritis, fatigue,  muscle spasms and dermatits.